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Just Juniper Berry

Experience the smooth, pure taste of this carefully balanced spirit inspired by the earliest recorded gin recipes, made from juniper berries. Each distilling carefully crafted to ensure a flavourful gin with assertive juniper notes for your ultimate drinking pleasure.

Size: 500ml.

African Botanicals

Experience opulent herbal aromas with a lingering, smooth finish. This unique gin was created from the perfect blend of seven botanicals including the flora of the Western Cape. Each distilling carefully crafted to ensure a rich carefully balanced gin for your drinking pleasure.

Size: 500ml

Citrus Infusion

Experience fresh and crisp citrus aromas with a smooth, silky finish. This zesty gin was enriched with hand-picked, farm grown citrus fruit. Each distilling carefully crafted to ensure a balanced gin with an abundance of citrus notes.

Size: 500ml.

Triple Three Gin Miniatures

Enjoy our miniature range for your tasting pleasure. These small 50ml editions replicate the original three flavours.

You can find them at 'The Gin Box SA' as well as within our Christmas Gift Box Sets.

Festive Gift Sets

Enjoy our great value gift sets this festive season. Our gift sets include one standard 500ml bottle and one 50ml miniature in a beautifully gifted box.

Buy these gift sets online at Bottleshop.co.za and Norman Goodfellows, or in store at select Pick 'n Pay and Macro stores.

Exceptional flavours from
Cape Town, South Africa