Triple Three Gin Tasting at Classic Cats

Looking for a unique gin tasting experience within the Western Cape. Then make sure to visit Classic Cats Vintage Car & Craft Gin Tastings.

Classic Cats is located on Vredenheim Wine Estate, offering a gin bar, an outside gin tasting area and a VIP gin tasting table within their vintage car showroom.

Triple Three Gin Tasting at Classic Cats

Classic Cats Craft Gin Tasting

Classic Cats uses our Triple Three Gins in one of their featured tastings. A craft gin tasting costs R85 per person and is served with Fitch & Leedes or Schweppes tonic water.

They start by giving a brief history of gin with a short introduction. The insightful introduction will vary depending on which bartender you get, so it’s never a bad idea to go to Classic Cats more than once ;).

They do the tasting in three phases.

THREE Phases of the TRIPLE THREE Tasting:

PHASE ONE: Taste it neat

This step introduces the flavors to the palette, so that when you add the tonic water it will simply enhance the flavor of each craft gin.

PHASE TWO: Garnishing.

They explain the purpose of garnishing (to enhance the gin, not just for the aesthetic appeal). They then recommend that you take a second sip of the neat gin with the added garnish.

“It always makes me happy when people notice the difference – they are always so surprised!”

Hannah van Houweninge from Classic Cats

PHASE THREE: Adding tonic water.

The Gin Tasting is perfect for a group of friends, a Sunday date or for a special occasion. See below some past events at Classic Cats:

Bachelor Party Triple Three Tasting

VIP Triple Three Tasting in the Vintage Car Showroom

Whatever your reason, come and taste our #triplethreegin