Use rosemary to garnish your festive cocktails. It brings in all the Christmas tree/ Christmas wreath spirit. Select only red and green garnishes to match all of your surrounding Christmas decor. Such as cherries, raspberries, strawberries, mint, cucumber and lime. Freeze Christmas-coloured fruit or mint leaves in your ice trays
master distiller
With urban craft distilleries popping up around every corner, we decided to write an article on Triple Three’s greatest asset – our authentic craftsman.  Introducing Triple Three Gin’s Master Distiller, Rolf Zeitvogel. Third Generation Rolf Zeitvogel is a third generation Master Distiller – pulling years of tradition and knowledge from
negroni gin cocktail
Legend has it, that the Negroni came about when Count Camillo Negroni asked his bartender in Florence, Italy, to strengthen his favourite Americano cocktail by switching out the soda water for GIN!! And just like that, one of the world’s best cocktails was born. How to make a Negroni Cocktail
Classic Craft Gin Cocktails
Last week we popped in to visit Marshall Siavash at Coco Safar, to taste some of his finest classic cocktails – featuring #triplethreegin. Marshall Siavash at Coco Safar In case you didn’t know, Marshall is Triple Three’s new brand ambassador. He has built an impressive reputation around the ‘classic cocktail’
Triple Three Gin Brand Ambassador
Introducing Triple Three Gin’s new Brand Ambassador, Marshall Siavash. Twitter : >> @SiavashMarshallInstagram: >> @MarshallSiavashFacebook: >> @MarshallSiavash Marshall and Rolf (Master Distiller at Triple Three) Marshall, originally from Iran, came to Cape Town from Botswana to study architecture. Changing his course to mechanical engineering for a further 3 years, he