Master Distiller Rolf brings an influx from German Black Forest, where fruits and wine are distilled for centuries and the knowledge is passed between generations. Like every passionate craftsman he is driven by passion for ingredients and location.

Foraging ingredients in the fields and digging in the African soil are constant exploration habits along the search for the perfect sip to be shared with friends and the fellow-minded.


In the traditions of Gin, some ingredients are handpicked from the spice trade of the world while the juniper is of Mediterranean decent as some roots might only grow in Indonesia. The flavour of the world, blended with the soul of Africa, makes our gins a true journey for your palate.

In the same tradition our distilling equipment was manufactured by Ulrich Kothe. With the same roots as our distiller, equipped with the best from the Caribbean to Scotland, with refined machinery to achieve the utmost of flavours and the smoothest spirits.