Third Generation Master Distiller, Rolf Zeitvogel

master distiller

With urban craft distilleries popping up around every corner, we decided to write an article on Triple Three’s greatest asset – our authentic craftsman. 

Introducing Triple Three Gin’s Master Distiller, Rolf Zeitvogel.

Third Generation

Rolf Zeitvogel is a third generation Master Distiller – pulling years of tradition and knowledge from his roots in Germany and the Black Forest.

Rolf grew up in the distilling industry – specifically his grandfather’s distillery in Germany. It was a necessity for him to do something with what nature provided him.

Master Distiller at Triple Three Estate Distillery

Rolf’s Distillery – Triple Three Estate Distillery – makes use of his family’s traditional and original copper pot stills.

The ingredients for #TripleThreeGin is sourced by Rolf himself from across the planet – handpicked from the global spice trade, African soil, Mediterranean farmlands and South African’s unique flora & fauna.

Rolf states that a true craft gin is one where the distiller goes back to the roots and is personally connected to every step of the process. A testament to this is Rolf’s relationships he creates with the farmers of the citrus fruit he uses in the gin. He takes pride and care in every step of the curation process.

True Craftsmanship

Rolf draws inspiration from both ingredients and location.

Triple Three Gin is smooth and pure in taste, reflecting the nature and decent of its chosen ingredients.

“You have to have a holistic approach to flavours – a passion for NATURAL flavours and the curiosity to be explorative – a passion for food helps because it’s all about the base ingredients.”

Rolf Z.

Rolf describes distilling as:

“Simply capturing flavours, and creating a balanced product – nothing sharp or harsh but rather a complex product to back up what you have on the nose – it shouldn’t be funny in colour – it should reflect the ingredients.”