The Perfect Gin Christmas

the perfect gin christmas

The Perfect Gin Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, but the festivities are in full swing as we glide our way through end year functions, family gatherings, festive dinner parties and even a few bookclub Christmas parties and Secret Santa evenings ..

We want to make your Festive Season that much more festive by adding a few GIN-spirational cocktails, garnishes and tips.

Let’s beGIN

Christmas Garnish Tips

Fill your ice trays with vibrant Christmas coloured fruit and herbs.

Our recommendations: whole cherries, a sprinkle of pomegranate pips, blueberries or just plain sprigs of mint. Anything red, green or blue.

The perfect gin christmas

Another tip is to try keep your garnish choices to shades of red, blue and green

– the Christmas colours !!

It just so happens, that

#triplethreegin is the perfect “christmas colour spread”

Christmas Cocktails

A Blackberry Bliss

This vibrant purple craft gin cocktail is a Christmas favourite. The blackberries complimenting the pure taste of our Just Juniper Berry Gin!

The Blackberry Bliss

Add roughly five smashed blackberries to the base of your chosen glass. Then add your ice cubes. Fill a shaker with soda water,  simple syrup and your gin. Shake well and use to top off your glass. Garnish the top with a few fresh blackberries and a sprig of rosemary.

A Cherry Christmas

This Cherry Merry Christmas cocktail is an elegant festive drink to serve while hosting your beloved friends and family during this holiday season. Showing off our Just Juniper Berry gin.

A Cherry Christmas

Fill shaker with tonic water,  crushed ice and your gin. Then add a splash of rose water and berry grenadine to add colour and flavour. Shake well and strain into a glass. Garnish with a few cherries and a sprig of fresh mint.

Very Berry Smash

This craft gin cocktail will kick start your Christmas festivities with a strong burst of colour and refreshing flavour. All complimenting its Just Juniper Berry gin foundation!

Crush a handful of mixed berries into a paste. Add berry paste into a shaker, together with your crushed ice, one part tonic, one part soda and your gin. Shake well and strain into a large glass. Garnish the top with a few fresh berries and a sprig of rosemary. Serve ice cold.

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Craft Gin Christmas Specials

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