Citrus Gin straight from the Farm

appelkoos festival

On the 15th of December, festival guests filled their baskets with farm-grown apricots and their glasses with Triple Three Gin – at the picturesque Elandsrivier Farm, outside Prince Alfred’s Hamlet.

This family farm – also being one of our suppliers – is focused on the growing, packing & drying of apples, pears, apricots & peaches. They even grow a few of our pears used in our Pear Schnapps.

Our Citrus Infusion Gin

Their love for friends and fruit was their inspiration to start their annual ‘Appelkoosfees’.

A fun farm festival for all ages.

Our Triple Three stand

We had great fun making a breakfast gin from farm grown ingredients – most notably their delicious handmade apricot jam.

Jam is a wonderful way to add a quick concentrated fruit flavour to your gin cocktail.

The funds made at the festival goes towards the farm’s very own Vyeboom Daycare – where children between 3 months and 18 years are given the opportunity to play, develop and flourish. A festival with a cause is always one worth celebrating!!

See you next year !!