African Botanicals Apple Gin Cocktail

African Botanicals Gin Cocktail

When Apples and African Botanicals come together – the perfect craft gin cocktail is created: the ‘African Botanicals Apple Gin Cocktail’ !!

Here is our #triplethreegin Cocktail of the Month:

African Botanicals Apple Gin Cocktail
“An Apple a Day – keeps the gin cold.”


Our African Botanicals Gin


Lemon/ lemon juice



Apple Juice


African Botanicals Apple Gin Cocktail

Gin Cocktail Guide


In a small pan, boil a few sprigs of rosemary, two big spoons of honey and 1 small cup of water. Let it soak for roughly 15 minutes and then cool it back down to room temperature – creating the perfect simple syrup.


Add the simple syrup, the African Botanicals craft gin, a toss of apple juice with an even smaller toss of lemon juice all to a shaker. Fill with crushed ice and shake well.


Strain the contents of your shaker in to your favourite gin glass and add a sprig of rosemary and a few sliced apple pieces to garnish.

African Botanicals Apple Gin Cocktail
Fresh, crisp and pure in flavour

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